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Lab Overview



In order to simplify the deployment of the app we have included all the objects needed in the above deployment manifests as an "all-in-one" manifest. Though in reality, an enterprise would most likely want to have a different manifest file for each Kubernetes object.

About OSToy#

OSToy is a simple Node.js application that we will deploy to ROSA. It is used to help us explore the functionality of Kubernetes. This application has a user interface where you can:

  • write messages to the log (stdout / stderr)
  • intentionally crash the application to view self-healing
  • toggle a liveness probe and monitor OpenShift behavior
  • read config maps, secrets, and env variables
  • if connected to shared storage, read and write files
  • check network connectivity, intra-cluster DNS, and intra-communication with an included microservice
  • increase the load to view automatic scaling of the pods to handle the load (via the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler)
  • connect to an AWS S3 bucket to read and write objects (Optional)

OSToy Application Diagram#

OSTOY Architecture

Familiarization with the Application UI#

  1. Shows the pod name that served your browser the page.
  2. Home: The main page of the application where you can perform some of the functions listed which we will explore.
  3. Persistent Storage: Allows us to write data to the persistent volume bound to this application.
  4. Config Maps: Shows the contents of configmaps available to the application and the key:value pairs.
  5. Secrets: Shows the contents of secrets available to the application and the key:value pairs.
  6. ENV Variables: Shows the environment variables available to the application.
  7. Networking: Tools to illustrate networking within the application.
  8. Pod Auto Scaling: Tool to increase the load of the pods and test the HPA.
  9. ACK S3: Integrate with AWS S3 to read and write objects to a bucket. (Optional)


    In order see the "ACK S3" section of OSToy, you must complete the ACK section of this workshop. If you decide not to complete that section, the OSToy application will work regardless.

  10. About: Shows some more information about the application.

    Home Page