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Introduction to the lab#

Now that we've successfully deployed our cluster, we can deploy our application on it. This application will allow us to become more familiar with some of the features of OpenShift/Kubernetes.

What will we do in this lab?#

In this lab, you’ll go through a set of tasks that will help you understand the concepts of deploying and using container based applications.

Some of the things you’ll be going through:

  • Deploy a node.js based app via S2I and Kubernetes Deployment objects
  • Set up an continuous delivery pipeline to automatically push changes to the source code
  • Explore logging
  • Experience self healing of applications
  • Explore configuration management through configmaps, secrets and environment variables
  • Use persistent storage to share data across pod restarts
  • Explore networking within Kubernetes and applications
  • Familiarization with OpenShift and Kubernetes functionality
  • Automatically scale pods based on load via the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • Use ACK to deploy an S3 bucket and upload and read files from it

You’ll be doing the majority of the labs using the OpenShift CLI, but you can also accomplish them using the OpenShift web console.